Our Mission

Empowered Community is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring yoga, meditation, and mindfulness principles to the unserved population. We aim to make this vision a reality.

Why We Started

With the average household income of someone practicing yoga in the US being $75,000, too many people are being left out of learning this practice. Experiencing yoga is our birthright and the goal of life. We believe everyone should have access to this right. This is the impetus for the Empowered Community.
~Johnny Gillepsie, Founder

Charlene Sams: Primary Instructor

Charlene is inspired to bring the principles of yoga to underserved populations, through her yoga training, life experiences and deep passion for helping others. Charlene's inspiration comes from a life that has been filled with challenges and blessings. It is the blessings that have become the focus of Charlene's work which is dedicated to helping others understand and overcome their own challenges.

In 2012 Charlene began donating her teaching skills through Empowered Community at Ferris School for Boys. Charlene is now the primary yoga instructor for Delaware's Youth Rehabilitative Services and is more passionate than ever about the need to develop evidence based mindful movement and breathing programs to help our most vulnerable populations. In order to further her teaching skills and to better understand the needs of the boys and girls she is teaching, Charlene has taken both the Therapeutic Life Skill Training with BK Bose and the Prison Yoga Project training with James Fox.

Charlene is full-time yoga instructor who is living her dream of teaching yoga and helping others. In addition to her work at the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services, Charlene is a dedicated teacher at Empowered Yoga. Charlene has completed the 500 hour yoga teacher program at Empowered Yoga where she continues to study with Johnny Gillespie and where she regularly practices yoga with other dedicated yoga practitioners.



If you are interested in supporting our work and would like to contribute, please click below.

Sunday Feb. 1, 2015

Support our Empowered Community by running the 5K or walking the 1.5K.
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Guest Bartender Fundraiser at BBC

Tuesday, October 28th 6pm- 9pm
To Benefit Yoga and mindfulness programs in unserved communities. 100% of your tips will go to Empowered Community.

We Serve

Empowered Community established and continues to assist the yoga programs at the Ferris School for Boys, Grace Cottage, Snowden Cottage, Mowlds Cottage, and the New Castle County Detention Center. Please contact us for more information on how to get a yoga program started in your community.

How you can help

Volunteer to help with classes
Are you a yoga teacher or just have an interest in helping to bring yoga and mindfulness to our community? Please join us in class with participants.

Donation of materials
Donate new or gently used yoga mats and blocks.
Financial Donation
We are grateful for your contribution of any amount.

Fundraising & Development
Help us with special fundraising events, as well as with planning and coordinating our Annual Campaign efforts and cultivating relationships with long-term community supporters.

Please email Charlene Sams if you would like to help or have any questions. Thank you.